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Both had similar physiques, forceful serves, and a strong forehand that unnerved opponents. Open title, in 2003, sportswriters called the event the passing of the torch: Sampras had announced his retirement from professional tennis at the age of 32.Roddick had actually beaten Sampras the first time they ever went up against one another on the court, in March of 2001 at the Ericsson/Lipton ATP tournament in Key Biscayne, Florida. He was honored for his achievements at a ceremony that took place on the first day of the Open.

His father, Jerry, owned several Jiffy Lube automobile maintenance franchises.

Armed with a bludgeon for a forehand and with a serve that regularly eclipses 125 [miles per hour], he just, as he puts it, 'whales away out there.'" Roddick was born on August 30, 1982, in Omaha, Nebraska, and was the youngest of three boys.

Sportswriters often compare Andy Roddick to Pete Sampras, the American champion who also began beating some of the world's top-ranked players at a very young age. Sampras went on to win a record total of fourteen Grand Slam singles titles over the course of his career.

Roddick has often said that Sampras was one of his idols when he was growing up, and his rise has been almost as quick as Sampras's, who won his first U. Watching a young Roddick play, many sportswriters have compared him to Sampras.

He admitted at the post-match press conference that he had been determined to come out on top.

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