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French Connection, Needle & Thread and Frock and Frill have all got beautiful options.To which the 34-year-old Duchess replied: 'I am running after my kids!Prince William was offered the chance to make a dosa – similar to a crepe – using an automatic machine invented by a company from Bangalore as the royal couple met young entrepreneurs in Mumbai at the start of the second day of their official visit to India Kate during the dosa-making demonstration.

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George and Charlotte, too, will discover how lucky they are to have such a wonderful great-grandmother – a role model for the rest of their lives.

'He also read out a message from his grandmother to the assembled guests, prompting much laughter as he said: 'Now, it is important that everyone here tonight understands that I am here as The Queen's representative.

As my grandmother's birthday gives us a chance to celebrate the partnership between our nations, I hope you don't mind if I take the opportunity to pay tribute to The Queen on a more personal note.

'And I am so glad that my children are having the chance to get to know The Queen.

This event today is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the enduring friendship between our two countries, our shared culture and the business opportunities we can create together.

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