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These chronicles served as the primary annalistic sources for the first Muscovite narrative history, the Book of Degrees of the Royal Genealogy.

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A few years back the site dropped like a stone, before the drop I was earning a few hundred dollars a month and no amount of linkbuilding I did after it dropped would bring the site back from the brink.

I spend a lot of time in various Blackhat forums and if you’ve ever been to a Blackhat forum you’ll sometimes see users posting interesting details which they quickly retract or purposely refuse to expand on, often going silent.

After deciding to take a leap of faith, I spent the next few days gathering resources to execute my plan and knowing how difficult the niche had been in the past, I was eager to see what would happen.

After gathering everything I needed and marking it down I realized I would need; Following the bits and pieces of information I’d found online, I executed my strategy and invested in linkbuilding services to create many thousands of backlinks.

I listened to these whispers carefully and begun to see a running theme among them.

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