Economic status and dating

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It is the main method of supervising persons who are financially responsible for assets.The safeguarding of assets is always entrusted to a financially responsible person.

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Nonprofit organizations and banks have their own uniform charts of accounts and financial reporting forms.

Reporting is carried out according to the statutory regulation and presented within strictly prescribed time limits.

The size and principles of accountancy_________vary. Some organizations comprise accountants working in commerce, industry, and government organizations, as well as in public practice (auditing), others consist solely of members in public practice.

The main _________ of the accountancy profession may be summarized as follows:• to protect the public by ensuring the observance by its members of the highest________of professional178For many years the accounting system in Russia was criticized by Western academicians for its failure to adhere to Western accounting principles. Since the early 1990s, accounting in the Russian Federation has changed significantly.

Even if depreciation rates are lower than in the West, fixed assets are generally undervalued compared with Western practice.

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