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A coordinate converter allows performing conversion between different geodetic systems and most used projections, for example, converting GPS coordinates (WGS84) to Lambert, UTM, Mercator, RGF93, NAD83, NAD27...

(Other datums and projections will be added following the request of the visitors).

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It's written in C language and can be compiled and used on all major operating systems.

Coordinate conversion routines can be easily adapted to locations other than Slovenia (via definition of ellipsoid, projection and Helmert parameters).

Auf dieser Seite knnen Geographische Koordinaten (Lnge/Breite auf dem WGS84-Ellipsoid) oder Gau-Krger-Koordinaten in die MGRS-Koordinaten umgewandelt werden, die auf Geograph Deutschland eingesetzt werden.

Coordinates Converter helps the user convert between different types of geographical coordinates.

X et Y : Plane projection coordinates; h : ellipsoid height; Long : Longitude; Lat : Latitude; dms : Degree Minute Secondes.

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