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The movie is ripe with Mexican imagery and traditions that may be new to American families.

Altars or Ofrendas Day of the Dead is celebrated on November 2 to coincide with All Souls Day in Christianity.

In Mexico, families start setting up altars up to a week before. Usually a cloth is put over a table."You leave offerings of food and drink and things that your loves ones enjoyed in life to greet them and nourish them once they come home," said Molina. While it is not required, more elaborate altars can have at least three levels to represent heaven, earth and purgatory.

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Miguel pursues his dream on Dia de los Muertos, a celebration dating back to pre-Columbian times that honors deceased family members.

In the film, Day of the Dead is the only time the spirits of family members can return to the Land of the Living to visit their loved ones.

The faces of the ancestors have colorful designs etched into them around the eyes and shin, much like people in Mexican communities draw on their faces during Day of the Dead celebrations.

Alebrijes Coco took the biggest license with alebrijes.

That seed has sprouted into a feature length Pixar film that will hit movie theaters this fall. It is about a young boy named Miguel whose family comes from a long tradition of shoemakers that shun music out of respect for their great-great grandmother.

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