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The idea I always had was that if you can transport kids in the classroom, even for a few minutes, and show what life is like for someone their age in a different part of the world, you can make that connection.

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We wanted to be very intimate and interactive, and the audience seems to go out for drinks before or even during show, so we like to lower expectations and raise alcohol consumption. A: A lot of women going out with their girlfriends or dragging their husbands or boyfriends to the show, and couples.

We show videos — things we never show on TV — and try to surprise each other with new material because we know each other’s stories so well.

Q: You’ve been in some kind of spotlight most of your life, being the son of Gloria Vanderbilt.

Do you feel like journalism keeps you tethered to “normal” experiences? I grew up with a famous mom and dad around New York, and when we’d walk down the street people would point or stare or take pictures, so I was sort of used to that from the time I was a kid. In fact, all the things I was doing in terms of interning with the CIA, diplomatic work — all those things that interested me the most were a response to my brother’s suicide senior year of college. Grief makes people uncomfortable, and I wanted to be in places where the language of loss was spoken, and reporting was the vehicle to do it.

And while it’s nice, and cool, it makes me feel very old.

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